Group Structure

Our corporate group structure is as follow:

Name of CompanyDate and Country of IncorporationPrincipal Activities
Halex (M)
29.05.1979 - MalaysiaMarketing and Distribution of Agrochemicals
Halex Woolton
18.05.1987 - MalaysiaManufacturing and Distribution of
Healthcare Disposable Products
Indirect through Halex (M)
Halex Industries
24.07.1980 - MalaysiaManufacturing of Agrochemicals
Halex Chemicals (S)
16.04.1980 - SingaporeTrading of Agrochemicals
Halex Realty
09.09.1985 - MalaysiaProperty Investments and Plantation Activities
Halex Engineering
21.08.1987 - MalaysiaTrading of Agrochemicals
Halex Biotechnologies
26.02.1990 - MalaysiaHorticulture and Agro-biotechnologies

* Details of our subsidiaries are summarised as above